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Meet Reggie: The 11-Year-Old Forever Foster Cat with a Heartwarming Story!

Meet Reggie: The 11-Year-Old Forever Foster Cat with a Heartwarming Story!

Who remembers Reggie? This handsome eleven-year-old feline who has found his forever home with his new mom, Carol! Reggie’s journey has been an inspiring one, and we couldn’t be happier to highlight his story as a shining example of the amazing impact fostering can have on the lives of our furry friends.


Reggie first came into the care of the Central Alberta Humane Society, where our dedicated team immediately fell in love with his charming personality. Despite his age, Reggie’s spirit was still young and vibrant, and he quickly captured the hearts of everyone he met.

After spending some time at the shelter, it was clear that Reggie needed a loving and patient home to thrive in. That’s when Carol came into the picture! She participated in our exciting 50/50 raffle and, lucky for Reggie, she won! Fate had its way of bringing these two together, and it was evident from the start that Carol and Reggie were meant to be companions for life.

Under Carol’s care and patience, Reggie has blossomed beyond our wildest expectations. Not only is he doing well, but he has also embraced the great outdoors by going on walks with Carol. Of course, safety is always a priority, so Reggie struts around in his adorable harness, exploring the world around him.

To celebrate Reggie’s wonderful progress, we’ve attached some heartwarming pictures for you to enjoy. Just look at that content and happy face! It’s evident that Reggie is living his best life with his loving forever mom.

While Reggie has found his perfect match, we still have other fantastic felines in need of foster homes. Meet Ramen, a charming six-year-old kitty, Harley, a wise and wonderful thirteen-year-old, and Roz, a lively and playful three-year-old. These sweet souls are waiting for their chance to experience the love and care of a foster home, just like Reggie did.

If you’ve ever considered becoming a foster parent to a furry friend, now is the perfect time! Your love and support can make a world of difference in these precious feline lives. Please reach out to us if you’re interested in fostering Ramen, Harley, Roz, or any of our other adorable feline residents. Learn more here: Fostering Pets at CA Humane!

Thank you to everyone who supports our mission to give animals like Reggie a second chance at a happy and fulfilling life. Together, we can create more heartwarming success stories just like this one! ❤️

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