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Become A Fur Foster-Parent

Your Commitment Will Give Animals a Chance to Prepare for Their Forever Homes

Shelter Animals Need Your Help!

You Provide The Love, We Supply everything else.

Fur Foster Parenting is one of the many rewarding volunteer opportunities at Central Alberta Humane Society.

Foster parents take an animal into their own home, provide basic care including daily exercise, feeding, grooming, positive reinforcement and socialization, as well as special care such as medication or training – and of course tons of love!

Cats, dogs and rabbits are in need of foster homes.  All supplies and veterinary care is provided by the Central Alberta Humane Society. Foster time commitment varies from each individual case (from a weekend get-away from the Shelter bustle, to up to 4 months in extenuating circumstances).

Fostering can be one of the most rewarding things you will ever do. Yes you form attachments, but knowing your care gave an animal a chance to prepare for their forever home is definitely worth it!

For more information, please contact our

Foster Coordinator: Email

Phone: 1-403-342-7722 ext. 212

Fostering Helps Give Animals a Break from the Shelter & Helps Them De-Stress

What Animals Need Fostering?

Orphaned kittens and puppies will be placed into foster care until they are old enough for spay/neuter and ready for adoption. In order for an animal to be ready for adoption and/or spay/neuter, they must be a minimum of 8 weeks old and weigh a minimum of 1.0 KG.​

These include mother animals and their babies that are too young to be adopted. Mom will take care of her babies until they are ready to go to their forever homes. When the Mom is finished nursing, she will be adopted too. Fosters are needed most in the summer months due to ‘kitten season.’​

Whether an animal needs a calm place to relax while recovering from surgery, or if we have a long-term animal that could use some time outside of the Shelter environment, opening your home can provide some special companionship for all of you. Help us by fostering a these healing and healthy, pets and open up space in the CA Humane Shelter. Your foster will grow and thrive in your care while they wait for a home, and we’ll use their spot to rescue the next Central Alberta pet in need.

What's included:

Why Foster & What's Involved

Reasons To Foster A Pet

Some of the most valuable lifesaving work isn’t happening at shelters and rescue organizations. It’s happening in homes. We’re talking about the important foster work done by volunteers every time they open their homes to a dog or cat from a shelter.

Foster pets make great houseguests. They’re just happy to be out of the shelter and they don’t care if there’s potato chip crumbs between the couch cushions (in fact, they might like that quite a bit).

Fostering a pet does not require that you have loads of free time or advanced dog training skills. In fact, most shelters offer foster opportunities that fit your schedule. Of course, felines need foster homes, too. Kittens are some of the most at-risk animals in shelters, so providing foster homes for them is critical to saving their lives.

Some animals don’t do well in a shelter environment. They may be elderly or frightened of the smells and sounds. These animals have a much greater chance of being adopted if they’re placed in a home environment and are given some TLC.

If a foster animal needs veterinary care, it is the responsibility of the shelter to provide it. We even provide food and other supplies to their foster homes if needed.

If a foster animal needs veterinary care, it is the responsibility of the shelter to provide it. We even provide food and other supplies to their foster homes if needed.

Fostering an animal can be a rewarding experience for anyone of any age! As long as you are allowed to have pets in your home you can enjoy the companionship of an animal needing a temporary home.

You’ll be able to learn about behaviour, grooming and social interactions as you spend time with your foster pet.

You’ll learn the little details about the animals personality. This is an incredible gift to individuals looking to adopt this animal. You’ll be able to inform them of all the strong points as well as areas that need to be focused on if they are considering your foster.

If you already have a dog or cat, fostering can provide your pampered pet with a companion and playmate.

Fostering teaches children about compassion and generosity.

You are making room for another animal in need at the shelter. One more open run or kennel means one less to turn away. Fostering means that you save a life.

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