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Cat/Dog Adoption Application

Thank you for considering Adoption

Thank you for your interest in pet adoption. Please fill out the following Cat/Dog Application form with as much detail as possible so we can get a better understanding of the home and lifestyle you can provide for your pet. Please keep in mind that the application is a vital part of the adoption process and we take all applications seriously. We look forward to helping you find your perfect companion!

Many of our shelter animals have not had basic training and exhibit behaviours such as jumping up, mouthing, scratching, nipping or play biting. When being introduced, you may experience one or more of these behaviours or none at all. To indicate that you are aware of the risk and do not hold our organization liable for any injuries cause by animals in care. Please initial here:

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Pet Information

Please describe any "must-have" characteristics, energy-level, etc.
Please note: If the animal you are inquiring about has an "On Hold" on their adoption page, they're already in the process of being adopted.
Please describe any must-have characteristics, energy level, etc.
Please consider any vacations, work obligations, etc. We are unable to hold pets for adoption in most cases, so please wait to apply until you are ready to adopt within the next two weeks. Most animals are ready for adoption now unless otherwise stated in their profile.

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Household Information

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Current & Past Pets

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Your Commitment

Please explain in as much detail as possible

Central Alberta Humane Societymakes every attempt possible to find forever homes for our animals in care. Relocation of animals from home to home has a negative effect on animals, therefore, we strive to do it right the first time. Rescue animals, like your pet, come with emotional baggage and since we were not there to see what they have experienced and witnessed, we cannot guarantee you the "perfect" pet immediately. All animals take patience, time, work and commitment. - some rescued animals may exceed the notmal amount that one would expect.

Saying that, by selecting the "I agree" option, you are stating that you understand the mission of this organization; you understan what is expected of you in regard to caring for this animal; and you are ready, willing and able to make this lifelong commitment to this animal.

By electronically signing and submitting this application the CA Humane, I hereby affirm that I have answered the above questions truthfull and to the best of my knowledge. I give my permission for CA Humane to contact any contacts I ut in this application as needed. I understand that providing any false information can be cause for denial of my application. Leaving any questions blank or not filling out this form completely can be cuase for the application to be discarded or denied.

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