Special Case:


  • Funds Needed: $3000
  • Priority Case

About this Special Case

The little lady with big complications requiring surgery.

 Meet Miracle, the little lady with a sweet spirit. Miracle came to us with a cleft lip & cleft palate that will require surgery. If not repaired, Miracle could experience infection & more unfavorable complications. On top of this, this poor girl has an injured back leg, leaving her uncomfortable and unable to bear weight on it. After consulting with a specialist & veterinarian, it has been determined that her back leg will require amputation. Miracle's knee cap is not in it's correct place (you can see her knee cap way out of place on the x-ray photo),her knee is broken & her leg is broken into a twisted position which has now healed in that place. While this surgery will be extensive & require recovery time, Miracle is only about one year old, so we have high hopes for this little one. In terms of number of complications on one animal, Miracle's case is pretty significant. Her surgical procedures could cost upwards of $3000 for both procedures, as well as her spay. If you could reach into your pocket & spare any amount, Miracle would be so thankful.


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