Special Case:

Veterinary Diagnostic Equipment Urgently Needed

  • Funds Needed: $70,000
  • Deadline: Oct 10, 2019
  • Priority Case

About this Special Case

Can YOU help our shelter to save more lives through the purchase of important Veterinary Diagnostic Equipment?

 This sweet boy named Berlin came to us with an injury that resulted in a leg amputation. He had to have X-Rays at a clinic outside of the shelter that required travel with our veterinary team. He is already a very shy guy so this was a little stressful for him in addition to the pain that he was going through as a result of an old injury that had healed incorrectly.

As a rescue organization we are often faced with the care of animals in distress due to injury or serious illness. At times animals are surrendered because their owners can no longer afford to offer them the treatment they so desperately need. In order to offer our resident animals the best possible care we have made a commitment to purchase diagnostic equipment for our in-shelter veterinary clinic. The equipment will include a large X-Ray and blood analysis machines to support testing for medical conditions. In a Humane Society setting diagnostics are of particular importance in establishing the wellness of animals at higher risk of disease and diagnosing/treating the cause of illness or injury can be tricky as our population generally comes to us with no medical/health history to allow us to narrow down issues without further testing.

Currently we send out the majority of our diagnostics to outside clinics or laboratories. This can be very costly both financially and in the time required to take an animal to the clinic for testing. When an animal is in distress or requires more urgent attention this can be critically slow and stressful for the animal. When a member of our medical team has to make a decision based on a lengthy process of elimination that is just not an acceptable best practice.

Our ultimate goal is to give our team the tools that they need to make informed decisions based on accurate diagnostics. To reduce the time it takes to diagnose and treat an animal, reducing stress and suffering and to SAVE MORE LIVES.

HOW CAN YOU HELP? The cost of purchasing this equipment is high and with our ever increasing operating budget we are challenged to secure funding for this large capital purchase of over $70,000. We are asking you today to help us to help animals in urgent need of medical care so that they can go on to live their best possible lives in an adoptive home, free from pain and suffering. Every dollar counts!

If you would like to make a donation please contact: Fund Development Coordinator Melissa Devlin - [email protected], (403) 342-7722 x207
Visit the shelter reception team, or donate online https://cahumane.com/support/make-a-donation Be sure to add FOR DIAGNOSTIC EQUIPMENT in the notes when making your gift.

Thank you for your support!



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