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Kittens in Care

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About this Special Case

Kitten season is in full swing at CAHumane. Make a gift today to support their care.

It is officially kitten season in Central Alberta. While these babies are so adorable, our newest additions mean extra work & more financial strain on our resources. We have approximately 50 kittens in care, as well as mama cats. At full capacity, our shelter can have 150+ cats at any given time. Our kittens & mama cats require routine veterinary care & attention, on top of food and basic necessities. If you would like to help fund the care of these babies, we would appreciate it so much. No gift is too small, donate today and make it in honor of kittens in care. Wet cat food is also greatly needed as these little ones like to eat! Mariner's Catch and Whitefish/Tuna Dinner seems to be the preferred flavors of our kittens. Thank you!

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