Special Case:

Kittens in Care

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  • Priority Case

About this Special Case

Kitten season is in full swing at CAHumane. Make a gift today to support their care.

We have many kittens, and adult cats in care at the shelter. While these babies are so adorable, our newest additions mean extra work & more financial strain on our resources. Cat overpopulation has been an ongoing issue & we are pretty much always full with our feline friends. That means we can have 150 cats at any one time, and a waiting list of others to bring more to us. We do not euthanize for space so that means some of our cat residents will spend over a year in our care, at a cost of approx. $50/day x 365 days for over 100 cats, that can add up quickly! Not only that, but we make sure all our cats (as well as dogs & others) are spayed or neutered before they go home with their adoptive family to prevent further overpopulation. We also vaccinate, deworm and health check all our animals before they go up for adoption. If you could make a gift to cats and kittens in care, we would be so grateful.

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