Special Case:

Meet Lexi

  • Funds Needed: $1500.00
  • Deadline: Apr 13, 2019
  • Priority Case

About this Special Case

Lexi has a growing health concern.


This six year old beautiful black lab was brought into our care recently. She is a vibrant, sweet loving gal who will be looking for a home but at the moment she has a growing health concern. Lexi has an “oral plasmacytoma” which is usually a benign mass (non spreading) on her gum. This mass removal usually responds well to a wide surgical excision (removing as much as possible) to avoid regrowth and will include the removal of her right K9 tooth and the tooth behind it. Bone grafting may be required as well but that cannot be determined at this point.


We are grateful to have connected with a veterinarian who specializes in animal dentistry, Dr. Ian Gaibellhaus at the Rimbey Veterinary Clinic. Lexi will be going for surgery this week. We don’t want to waste any time to allow the mass to grow any larger.


Dr. Gaibellhaus is generously discounting his rates however there is still a significant cost for Lexi’s specialized surgery. We are hoping to raise $1500.00.


No donation is too small and every penny counts! Support Lexi and all our rescue animals. Please be sure to write "LEXI'S FUND" to ensure your donations are allocated to Lexi's surgery. Until we hit our goal, any remaining will go towards the costs of other animals in care.



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