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Rocco, Lolli & Sir Arthur Kitten Doyle

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About this Special Case

Meet our three special long-term residents!


Meet Rocco, Lolli & Sir Arthur Kitten Doyle, our three special kitties in long term care!
Many cats can come into shelter life, stressed and malnourished causing them to be more susceptible to illness. Upper Respiratory Infection (URI) is very common in shelters and rescues who intake cats from varying circumstances. These three were no different and were showing signs of URI, which is similar symptoms to a cold humans may have. Dependent on the severity, it may be treated with medications and fixed,although high stress can cause symptoms to reoccur. With these three cats, after we performed their medical exams, it was founded that they had a specific strain called Calicivirus. This particular strain produces additional symptoms on top of sneezing, eye discharge and fever, in the form of ulcers commonly in the mouth. 
Rocco, Lolli & Sir Arthur Kitten Doyle have been with us for sometime now, living together in one of our dog rooms. They have had a clean bill of health with no other reoccurring symptoms. Like with any Upper Respiratory strains, a cat may always be a carrier and can transfer it to another cat. However only un-vaccinated, young cats, or those who have underlying health problems are more susceptible to become sick and require treatment. If these cats move in with a healthy vaccinated adult cat, they may only get a mild case, if any at all, and overcome it on their own without treatment. 
Sadly these three have been overlooked and missed because they are not in our common cat areas. Please come visit these 3 sweeties & consider adoption.
At CAHumane we do not euthanize for space & many of our shelter animals are with us for long periods of time. If you would like to donate to the continuing care of Rocco, Lolli & Sir Arthur Kitten Doyle and other long-term residents like them, we would be so grateful.
Rocco-Long haired dilute orange tabby- 5 years old, at CAHumane since April 2018
Lolli -Short haired tabby- 1.5 years old, at CAHumane since January 2018
Sir Arthur Kitten Doyle-Short haired orange tabby- 2 years old, at CAHumane since January 2018


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