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No one's perfect right? But I could be perfect for you!!

Its coming, almost a year now that I have been here at the Central Alberta Humane Society. I'm not sure why so many people keep looking past me.  My name is Spirit and my name says it all. I arrived at the Humane Society February 2017 and I have been here now the longest. I keep watching other dogs come and go, leaving with a new family while I am left behind. Even though I have three legs I have a lot of energy and am rather active and have a lot of love to give. I have been working at getting used to walking in a wheelchair. Kinda cool right? I think it will take me sometime to get used to it but I know in the long run it will help support my back and my other hind leg so I could enjoy longer walks. I love being the center of attention so I will need to go to a home where it is just me and I can get all the love. No one's perfect right! But I could be perfect for you!!  I prefer older children and adult human companions. I can't wait until I am the one walking our the door instead of everyone else, but for now I will continue to have faith that the perfect owner for me will be walking through the doors anytime now. Could it be you? 

We have been fortunate to have a great working partnership with Dog Sense Behaviour Consulting. Many of the dogs that come into shelter have challenges to overcome based on their past experiences. Spirit is one dog that Angela has spent much time with. After 8 months in shelter we are scratching our heads trying to figure out why this sweet girl has not been scooped up. She is a lovely dog that responds very well to training and will be a great companion. One reason is likely her reactivity to other dogs. Here Angela demonstrates what can happen when you apply the time and correct training methods.

Our commitment to finding the right home for Spirit includes an offer for five free sessions with Angela post adoption to ensure that the adopter has the right tools to move forward successfully with this dog. Could you be the one to get Spirit out of shelter and into the home she deserves?

Here's what Angela had to say:  "Yesterday I worked with Spirit at the Central Alberta Humane Society. She has previously had some issues with dog reactivity so we were working on her social skills. Here is an example manageability when you use the right tools." (Spirit is the black dog pictured in front)

Check out my video of my first time in my wheelchair.  https://youtu.be/WS2mZ3G6Cp0












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