Special Case:

Plum & her kitten friends need your help!

  • Funds Needed: $10,000
  • Deadline: Aug 31, 2017
  • Priority Case

About this Special Case

Little Plum is a fighter but along with so many other kittens in our care, we need your help to provide the medical care they so urgently need.


Meet little Plum, 
This cute 5 week old kitten came to us barely clinging to life.   She was so very thin and had a nasty bite wound on her head. Thankfully she was found and we were able to help relieve the large abscess that had grown on her head as her little body worked overtime in it's attempt to repair the puncture from a tooth. Luckily, her skull was uninjured. From the pictures you will notice that our team had to create a small enough drain to place in the wound to help her little body to heal the injury.  Sadly so many stray animals are lost and alone, but we can make a difference for them. 
Thankfully with the right kind of care from our team here at CAHumane, Plum has been getting all that she needs to regain her health. She has gained some weight, and soon will learn to play and be the fun loving kitten she was meant to be.  Plum is just one of the many litters of kittens we have in urgent care right now.  The strain on our resources and finances to provide around the clock medical and nursing care is very high. Can you help to support the medical care of kittens like plum?  Please consider making a donation today.  Your gift will save lives. 


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