National Veterinary Week

It's also National Registered Veterinary Technologist Month!

Grace and Jess XrayGrace and Jess Pup

Did you know October is National RVT month?

Before we celebrate National Veterinary Week (October 17 - 23) we wanted to give a BIG shout out to our in-house Registered Veterinary Technologists (RVT).

Please meet our amazing Vet Tech team here at CAHumane: Jess Beech & Grace Peterson.

These two have the most incredible passion, commitment, talent and drive for helping our shelter animals thrive.

What do Vet Techs do you might be asking?

Well, you could say a bit of everything: they’re pharmacists, anesthesiologists, phlebotomists, lab technologists, radiologists & dental hygienists – just to name a few.

They’re essential and so appreciated – thanks for all you do Jess & Grace!

Grace and Jess PupPose















Troubled Monk Brewery Raise the Woof

In collaboration with the Central Alberta Humane Society

Good things come to those who wait and, in this case, good means tasty. 

We're so proud to announce that Red Deer's favourite brewery, Troubled Monk, has chosen to collaborate with the Central Alberta Humane Society by creating a beer just for us, and animal-lovers, alike. Introducing 'Raise the Woof' - a Kentucky Common as smooth as it is tasty, much like all the beers we've come to love from the expert brewers at Troubled Monk.

A big thank you to Troubled Monk for supporting our work and contributing this generous donation to our shelter. We couldn't do this without community supporters like you. Little known fact: Kentucky Common has the addition of corn and therefore is lower in gluten! 

For more information please visit: Troubled Monk's Blog Post  

Thank you in advance for your support - we couldn't 'Raise the Woof' without you!

#CAHumaneSociety to spread awareness & to help our animals in care!

Troubled Monk’s hours of operation: 11am - 8pm

Read Full Press Release: Troubled Monk will 'Raise the Woof' for Central Alberta Humane Society


The Time to adopt is Now

We put together some reasons why 'meow' is the right time to adopt from the Central Alberta Humane Society. 

Are you ready to adopt? Here are a few questions to ask yourself before bringing a new pet into your life.
  • Do I have the space in my home?
  • Do I have the time to share right now?
  • Do I want to create healthy routines with my new pet?
  • Can I financially support their needs?
  • Would spending time with a new pet make me and my family happy?

We know first-hand that adopting from shelters is a great way to boost your mental health. Adopting also gives a homeless pet a second chance to get the social interaction, love and care that a stable home and family provides. 


Donate to Central Alberta Humane Society with SkipTheDepot

Central Alberta Humane Society teams up with SkipTheDepot!

Here's How It Works!

SkipTheDepot picks up your cans, electronics, and clothes and e-Transfers you the refund or choose our charity to donate to and get a tax receipt!

1. Download & Sign Up

Download SkipTheDepot from the App Store, Google Play, or visit our Web App. Sign up and schedule a pickup.

2. Book a Pickup

The morning of your pickup day, put your bags outside. Use the directions area in the app to let the driver know where to find them.

3. Cash-out or Donate

They send you a breakdown of everything counted, followed by your deposit within 48 hours. Cash out or donate to a local charity! You can also set up continuous donations by becoming a Community Partner and reap the benefits of recurring donations! Just get the app and request a pickup from your home or office. And it’s free!

***SkipTheDepot picks up and pays you for your bottles & cans. They also take used clothing and old electronics off your hands free of charge.***


Donate your recycling button

Why Senior Animals Make Great Pets

If you are looking to adopt a furry friend, here are a few reasons to consider adopting an older senior pet:

  • Senior pets have usually been in the shelter a long time:

As you can probably know, senior animals take longer to be adopted and spend quite a while in shelters. Puppies and Kitties get scooped up pretty quickly. It's a kind gesture to adopt a senior at they are just looking to for a family to love them.

  • Senior pets have lots of love to give:

Their love is unconditional and so many memories are waiting to get made. They are just looking for companionship and are ready for hiking, walks and lots of snuggles. 

  • Already house trained:

Skip the step of chewing on house furniture and cleaning up after accidents, your older pet will already have this down, will sleep through the night, so no need to stress!

  • Easier introductions:

They are usually mellower and can more easily be introduced to other pets and settle into new environments with more ease. They have already grown into their personality, so there won’t be any surprises.

  • It feels good!

You can be a hero to a deserving animal. They are much wiser, know the rules and are always aiming to please their owner.  -  it really does make you feel good adopting a harder-to-adopt pets.

It really does take a special person to adopt a pet knowing that you might not have as long of time with them as you like, but they need your help and are just as deserving and you will be the love of their life. 


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