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The Central Alberta Humane Society proudly adopts over 600 animals each year to caring forever homes. This is a selection of the stories shared by their rescuers. Thank you for choosing to adopt. Your gift gives life and hope to the homeless, unwanted animals who may not have had another chance if it wasn't for your commitment to care for them.
If you have an adoption story or update to share please email: [email protected] 

A  friend I will forever miss.

About 2004 my wife and I decided it was about time to once again have some pets. We decided that this time we would like to have male cats instead of females which we had a few years ago. We w

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Lexi (Shianti) Adopted 2009

Hi there my name is Holly and I would love to share our story with everyone.

My son and I came into your old building one afternoon when he was just six months old. We went in with intentions of finding a big loving dog to help me fe

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Boomer: Adopted September 2003

This is my Boomer, adopted as a kitten from the Red Deer SPCA in September 2003.  He will be celebrating his 11th birthday this year!  He is my cuddle bunny and such a handsome boy.  He

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Cleocatra (Iam): Adopted March 2000

Hello! My name is Karen Miller. I just wanted to share our story with you on this very special day.

We celebrated an anniversary at our house today, March 15. It was on this day in 2000 that my husband, Tim, and I adopted our cat, Cleo (f

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Roxy: Adopted June, 2012

We adopted this little sweetie from the Red Deer SPCA on June 28th 2012. Her name was Roxy and we thought it totally suited her so we kept it :)

As a family the SPCA is very special to us and we visit all the animals almost on a week

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Girlie: Adopted 2013

Hello Everyone! Just wanted to give a "Girlie" update! What a beautiful and delightful gal! Yes, full of energy but settling in very well! She has met the cat's and although interested in perhaps a chase ... the cat's are wise to dogs and so Girl

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Cuda (Scamps): Adopted 2012

So this is Cuda, his name was "Scamps" before you handed him over to me. I've spent just under a year with Cuda and I've never had a better couple months in my life. This dog is like a child to me, I hardly ever leave home without him by my side,

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Koda (LIbra): Adopted 2013

I adopted Koda (formerly known as Libra) a few weeks ago from the Red Deer SPCA. She is being trained for service and will be my PTSD Service Dog. You can follow our journey together here

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Roxy: Adopted 2013

I just wanted to update you guys on Roxy. We adopted her from you guys on October 27, 2013. She has made a wonderful addition to our family and we are so happy we were able to adopt such a wonderful cat! Keep up the great work you do for our comm

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Brutus (Argon): Reunited 2013

At the beginning of December, we found a lost report online (on Edmonton Kijiji) for a dog that looked very similar to one of our dogs. The lost add stated that their beloved dog, Brutus, had been missing for 4 months. Brutus went missing from th

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Zed (Amethyst): Adopted 2013

We had recently moved into a new house. It felt sterile and empty. Out in the middle of the country, I was now far away from my childhood pets at my parent's house. We adopted Amethyst, who we renamed Zed after she picked us. I liked that there w

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Hilda: Passed 2014

All of the animals that come into our care are special. Hilda was no exception. Her beautiful eyes and quirky personality made her a staff favorite. Hilda resided in shelter for more than 3 years waiting for a forever home, she became the office

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Quake (Maxwell): Adopted 2010

Just a quick little note to let you know that I have adopted Maxwell - renamed Quake to remind him of his destiny - from your facility. Quake has been doing extremely well and has now his disaster work and wildness search National certifications.

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