Surrender a Pet

Learn about the conditions for surrendering a pet to CA Humane.
Surrender a Pet

At the Central Alberta Humane Society our ability to take in cats and dogs directly from the public changes daily.

It depends on our available space, our current population, and how quickly the animals already here are finding homes. In addition, the pets being surrendered to us must meet our health and behavior requirements. A surrender fee is also charged at the time of admittance. For more information, please speak with one of our animal care attendants:
403.342.7722 ext 205.

Residents of Red Deer and some surrounding areas may be able to call Alberta Animal Services to surrender a pet. They provide animal control for the City of Red Deer, Town of Innisfail, Town of Lacombe, as well as several other towns and municipalities within Central Alberta. We recommend you call their office to discuss their surrendering policies and procedures.