Hello! My name is


  • Rottweiler Cross
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 1 Year old!

About Me

HIIIIIIII LOOK AT ME RUN I AM SO FAST!!! MY NAME IS SEBASTIAN!!!! Oh, wow, I am tuckered out! My name is Sebastian, sorry the staff tells me I need to work on my introductions! I am working on all kinds of things here like how to have manners and do tricks. I really love how all the animal care staff trains me with positive reinforcement!... Little do they know I am only doing the trick to get the treat hehe! I am pretty new to learning how to be the best boy and what is expected of me, I am a pretty high-energy guy so I will need a lot of mental and physical exercise. I love a good slow feeder or maybe some puzzle toys and defiantly playing in the yard and running around. I bet you are wondering about other dogs? Well, I have met a few and it has gone both ways sometimes really good and sometimes not as good. I can be a little picky so any dogs I meet will have to have a slow introduction. I don't think cats are a good fit for me as I can get a little too excited around them. Living in a home with older humans would be awesome! I just like my space to be respected so I think anyone over +13 would be just perfect. I need to continue working on building my confidence in new situations and environments and I would like to do that with you! So better hop on the telephone and make your appointment! ALL ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT. Adoption Fee:$375.00

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