Hello! My name is


  • German Shepherd mix
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 2 years old!

About Me

I knew you would already know my name. Who wouldn’t with these good looks and my shiny coat! I'm a working breed so I'm super active and like to use my mind. I would love a family who is active too. I may be okay with another dog in the home. I did live with one before but being the prince that I am, they would have to come in to meet with me to make sure they are worthy enough to hang out with me. Small animals like cats and livestock, yeah no thanks!! I would be most comfortable with middle aged children being I have a lot of energy, I wouldn’t want to accidently knock someone over. If you would like to add my royal name to your family, please book your appointment today! I’ll be patiently waiting to move to my new kingdom! (Adoption fee: $375)

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