Special Cases: Animals in Need of Additional Care or Support

This page features animals that our organization is supporting with specialist medical or behavioral care. From large intakes of animals rescued from hoarding situations, to individual animals with expensive veterinary costs, we look to the community for compassion & financial support.


  • Priority Case
    Special Case:

    Daisy - Found alone in the cold and soon to be a mom

    Daisy is almost ready to have her puppies in a loving foster home this Christmas.

    Daisy was found cold and alone.  Thankfully she was brought into care just in time to receive treatment and to be taken into foster care where she will give birth to her pups in peace. Daisy is a very sweet and affectionate dog and she deserves the very best care we

    • Funds Needed: $2500
    • Deadline: Dec 31, 2018
  • Priority Case
    Special Case:

    Harlow - A Stray with a Broken Leg

    Her leg may be broken but her spirit is still strong! Harlow is a fighter.

    Meet Harlow, this sweet girl was found running as a stray with an obvious injury.  X-rays revealed that she had a severe break to her hind leg.  Harlow is scheduled to have the amputated as the veterinary team has determined that the leg cannot be saved.  D

    • Funds Needed: $1000
    • Deadline: Dec 25, 2018

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