Hello! My name is


  • Dutch Cross
  • Spayed
  • Female
  • I am 4 years old old!

About Me

Thank you for your interest, but I've already been adopted! Check out some of the other animals who need a new home.

MMMmmmm, nom, nom, crunch! Oh! Hi! I didn't see you there, I had my mouth a little full! I just can't get enough of these fresh veggies and fruit! MMMMMmmmm! Ok, Ok! My name is Koko and I am a bit of an older bun but none the less I am still young at heart. I enjoy rabbit things like hoppin, stretching and well eatin! I am pretty handlable and quite sweet if I do say so myself I would love to be around another bun like myself, I am already besties with Kinder! But I am sure in time I could make another new friend or be a solo bun if I get lots of attention! I am just so excited to meet you maybe we can share a carrot! ALL ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT (Adoption Fee:$75.00)

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