Hello! My name is


  • Ferret
  • Spayed
  • Female
  • I am 2 Years old!

About Me

Pip, Pip Cheerio good lad! Oh, I am getting so good with my accents, I will tell you I was born to be an actress, I specialize in Comedy, and most of all D-R-A-M-A like when you wake me up in the morning or when my brother steals, my treat. My name is Pip I would offer you a headshot but they are still in the mail, I may look like just a wee ferret but my personality could fill the dodgers stadium TWICE! I am sassy and hilarious with a pinch of attitude when I don't get my way. Right now I live with my siblings Bear, Trixie and Scooter now we don't have to go together cause well 3 is a party but 4 is a crowd! But I do need at least one other ferret whether it is one I know or a new friend in your home. I am just so excited to meet you soon! ALL ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! (Adoption Fee: TBA)

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