Hello! My name is

Marilyn Bunroe

  • Bunny Rabbuit mix
  • Spayed
  • Female
  • I am 5 months old!

About Me

Hiya! I'm a combination of sweet yet mischievous, playful and curious, silly and frisky. What more could you ask for? I might be playing when you arrive because that's my most favorite activity! I just love to explore my surroundings and enjoy the toys, cardboard and tunnels that we have. Yummy timothy hay, and good quality pellets are a must for my diet and I really enjoy fresh fruit and a leafy green salad daily! I hope you hop on by; I’d love to meet you! (Adoption Fee $75.00)
Marilyn BunroeMarilyn BunroeMarilyn BunroeMarilyn Bunroe

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