Hello! My name is


  • Shepherd X
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 5 Years old!

About Me

The names Bumble and I never stumble I just always stay humble! That was good right?! So I know why we are all here to talk about me am I right?! Well, let me start by saying have you seen my face I am a handsome guy no one ever says no to these puppy dog eyes. I am a pretty easy-going guy and love all that good old fashion dog stuff like walks and treats. I am a pretty high-energy doggo though so I will need more exercise than not and some really awesome toys that get my mind working so that I don't get bored... which can happen pretty quick... SQUIRREL... Oh, I'm sorry like I said it happens quickly! I do love people and I mean all people! But with my excitability I can get a little over-excited and jumpy, I am still just a pup myself and do need to learn some self-calming and self-control techniques. I should be good with kids (+10) but I will still need to meet them in an appointment to make sure I am not too much for them. I have never been around cats and would need to test before going into a cat-friendly home and as for doggos well they need to match me so a slow introduction is a key to being bros! With a sprinkle of excitability a dash of fun and a whole lotta love, I am sure we can try an introduction with another dog! Whelp, that's all for now folks I hope to see you soon... oh my goodness is it snowing?! Ok, I gotta run! All Adoptions are by appointment only.

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