Hello! My name is


  • Pitbull X
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 3 Months old!

About Me

Thank you for your interest, but I've already been adopted! Check out some of the other animals who need a new home.

The name is Scuttle, how do ya do?! I'm goofy, endearing, and most of all happy! maybe just a touch shy but I'm working on it I swear! Sniff...Sniff you smell so nice like the nicest home a pup could want! I am so happy you came by, I am learning lots of new things here but the staff told me about what a home would be like, and oh boy I would love one of them! Comfy blankets toys galore and treats aplenty! Sign me up! I haven't met many other dogs they all look pretty hairy and slobbery to me, but I can always try and make some new friends! I can't wait to start learning all the tricks and manners to be the bestest boy you've ever seen. Positive reinforcement training and slow introductions would really help me thrive! Well, we should crackin' to make that appointment to come and meet me! ALL ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT. Adoption Fee:$475.00

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