Hello! My name is


  • Rottweiler cross
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 2 Years old!

About Me

Thank you for your interest, but I've already been adopted! Check out some of the other animals who need a new home.

******ON HOLD****** Heyoooo! It's me, The freshest prince... Oh, and my name is Prince! Man, what a day, I was working my butt off chasing a ball all around the yard! I love to play, could do it all day every day. But I know you're not here to just see my handsome face, you wanna know if I will fit in your family?! Well you never know what your day is gonna be like with me, I am all about adventure and rambunctiousness! I as the staff like to say I am full of beans, jumping beans that is. I need to work on redirecting some of my energy into positive training and obedience and learning self-calming techniques. I love to keep my mind just as busy as my body so puzzle feeders and toys would be super cool! Other dogs? Hmmm, I think I prefer to go on my journey with just humans! But I don't wanna be pals with a cat, no thank you they are so judgy! I need a home with middle-aged kids (+10) I get a little excited and don't always know my size. I hope the home I go to has knowledge of large breeds. Well better get dialing, see you soon! ALL ADOPTIONS BY APPOINTMENT. (Adoption Fee:$375.00)

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