Hello! My name is


  • Coonhound Cross
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 5 Years old!

About Me

Hello, hello, hello! The houndiest coon hound around...Is here for you! Strike a pose..ohhhh...ahhh! I am a model of beauty and handsomeness but also I am a great companion specifically for a family that does NOT have any other animals or young kids (16+). I love to be around my people and sniff out treats and go for walks! I do have limited social skills with other dogs so I am really working on those behaviours like arousal control, life skills, obedience and manners. I would love an owner who really gets me ya know it would be handy if they may have had other coons in the past to know what shenanigans I can get up to or another dog that may have grown their experience! Now I ain't no one-trick pony either not only can I model but I can SINNNGGGGGGGGGGGG! AWHOOOOOOOOWOOOOOO!! So get ready for serenades and a goofy, lovable coon hound cuddles! ALL ADOPTIONS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. (Adoption Fee: $375.00)

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