Hello! My name is


  • Pitbull mix
  • Neutered
  • Male
  • I am 1 Year old!

About Me

Thank you for your interest, but I've already been adopted! Check out some of the other animals who need a new home.

Arooo!! I bet you already guessed it but I have a lot of energy! I like to jump a lot! I like to try to beat my personal record everyday so I’m always hopping around. I'm looking for my pawfect family! Someone who will want to spend a lot of time with me or would be able to place me in doggy daycare! The staff here tell me I’m a puppy in a grown dog’s body? I guess that means I still need a bit of training but hey that’s okay. No one’s perfect! Some dogs don’t appreciate how high energy I am so we will need to be introduced here before I can go home! Cats? I haven’t met one before but let the staff know and they can introduce me to one! I like middle aged kids because they are fun to play with and I won’t hurt them when I jump around. I’d be scared to hurt the little kids if I try to beat my daily record around them. Please make an appointment to see me soon! I’ll be hopping in my kennel waiting for you! (Adoption fee: $375)

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