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The Central Alberta Humane Society proudly adopts over 600 animals each year to caring forever homes. This is a selection of the stories shared by their rescuers. Thank you for choosing to adopt. Your gift gives life and hope to the homeless, unwanted animals who may not have had another chance if it wasn't for your commitment to care for them.
If you have an adoption story or update to share please email: 

Plum is doing amazing and all settled into her new home! It took a few days to become best friends, but now Milly and Plum are inseparable. Plum is very independent, vocal, and social. She only likes to cuddle on h

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Prince is doing sooooo well.  He truly is a big loveable sweetie.  We have been going for plenty of walks and actually have encountered quite a few small animals...rabbits cats and dogs...he is interested but total

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I adopted Richard the cat from you guys and I just wanted to say that he’s been the perfect addition to our family. This prior “telephone cat” has become the best fit into our family. From day one just walked in an

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We adopted Parker in June. His name is now Kaiba!

He is doing super well, and getting more and more confident every day! We have taken him on many camping trips and hikes, and he loves to play with other dogs and rolling in t

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We adopted Albert on August 19th and he is doing so great! We love him and he is settling in well to his new home.
Here is a picture of him having a nap in the sun in his favorite new spot in the house.  He is a sweet

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Two years ago my friend asked me if I wanted to go to a Central Alberta Humane Society camp with her. I said yes because I knew it would be fun and something else to try. While we were there we got to have cat time. Forrest stood out he was in th

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Duke & Daisy

Just wanted to give you a quick update on Sid and Nancy.

We have renamed them Duke and Daisy, and they are responding to their names already!

They have been here a few days now and are quite comfortable in the house, they are eati

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Just wanted to send an update on Lexi. She is an awesome girl and loves going on adventures with her new sister Sasha. She also looovvves the of those dogs who chomps at the water haha. Thank you for taking great care of all the anima

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