Coins for Critters

Students can make a difference by gathering spare change for abandoned animals.

Coins for Critters (formerly Pennies for Paws) began in 1996, when local businessman, Don Hollman, collected 25,722 pennies that people had left behind. He glued them together to create the original penny trophy.

The Coins for Critters Program is based on the concept that, for many people, pennies, nickels and dimes have no real value – what can you buy for so little anymore? Usually nothing. Sadly, many people hold the view that pets, like pennies, have no value and may be easily cast aside, left behind, or abandoned. The goal of the Central Alberta Humane Society is to demonstrate that all things have value!

By working together and gathering spare change, students can make a difference for many of the pets that enter the facility each year. With this program, it is our hope to increase awareness of the value of all things, and to provide children and youth with an opportunity to actively engage in the community and work towards a solution of a community issue.