Humane Education Programs

Learn about the responsibilities and benefits that come with pet ownership.

Humane education will teach children to be compassionate and respectful to all people, animals, and the environment.

It develops attitudes of kindness, sensitivity, appreciation and responsibility in children and adults towards all living things. Understanding humane education concepts will enable individuals to make responsible and humane decisions throughout life. The benefits of humane education are far-reaching. In addition to learning the responsibilities of pet ownership, students are made aware of the consequences of animal neglect and abuse in both community and larger societal contexts. The development of sensitivity towards animals enhances each child’s emotional and social development. Problem solving, conflict management, and the ability to make wise and considerate choices are all integral parts of humane education.

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Contact our Community Program Coordinator at for more information & to book a presentation, or fill out the form below. Please note: your presentation is not booked until you have received confirmation from our Humane Educator.


Humane Education off site program -Suitable for ages 3-8
A 45 minute presentation at your school that includes a discussion of what we do at the Central Alberta Humane Society. Students are encouraged to brainstorm what kinds of things we need to do to take care of animals in shelter and in their own homes. With the help of props, we will learn all the things we need to do to be a responsible pet owner. We will also discuss dog bite prevention basics with the help of our certified therapy dog, Maple! (Please let us know ahead of time if your school does not allow dogs into the classroom.) 

Suggested minimum $100 donation 


Humane Education on site program - Suitable for all ages
A one hour program that includes a complete tour of our shelter and time with some of our adoptable and humane education animals. You will learn all about what we have to do to take care of rescue animals and see behind the scenes of where the staff & volunteers work their magic! 
After our tour, you will finish off spending some time with the cats in our free roam cat rooms for some snuggle time. 
Suggested minimum $100 donation