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Update 1 - Hello everyone. Jilly has made it through her surgery well and is now slowly recovering. She's one tough little miss!! Our team will be monitoring her closely of the next while. We do have some additional health concerns that may effect Jilly and what she may need or require moving forward, but one step at a time. We will be keeping everyone posted as we learn more, and as her case evolves. For now please send Jilly some love, and if able to help make even a small difference in Jilly's recovery and extended care please donate to her in shelter or on our website.


Jilly is doing very well since her surgery to remove her eye, it looks incredible and all the additional health concerns we had for her have all resolved themselves. Including her being with her kittens. Yes, it turns out that Jilly not only had to struggle with her eye injury she had also given birth to 5 kittens days before coming into our care. We are so grateful that these little cuties are able to be with their mom. Jilly as shown to be a wonderful mother even though she has proven to be a shy girl towards us. Jilly and her babies have been placed into foster until the kittens are 8 weeks +. Hopefully this will help Jilly to overcome some of her fears towards people and give those cute little kittens some good quality time with their mom, to grow and to be happy and healthy.

A big thank you to our foster parent for helping Jilly and her little family out.

About this Special Case

Jilly would love your help!!


Meet Jilly,

This sweet girl came to us unexpectedly yesterday with a very significant eye injury. What happened to this poor little girl we can not say for certain at this time, however we are very happy she is with us so we can help her. Our veterinarian team is wasting no time and will be performing enucleation surgery on her today (surgical removal of the eyeball). This is a relatively straight forward procedure however just like any surgical procedure complications can arise. We will keep everyone updated on Jilly's story as it evolves.

Please help us make a difference in Jilly's life by donating to her surgical procedure and recovery costs. You can do so on our website @
https://cahumane.com/support/make-a-donation or come in to the shelter. Every little bit makes difference.

We would also like to take a moment to say that eyes are very delicate so please seek care from your veterinarian immediately if you suspect any problems.




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