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Humane Education

Humane Organizations

  • Alberta Animal Services
    Alberta Animal Services has been in operation since 1988 and is located in the City of Red Deer. We provide animal control for the City of Red Deer, Town of Innisfail, Town of Lacombe, as well as several other towns and municipalities within Central Alberta. Along with animal control, we also provide general bylaw enforcement for Bashaw and Clive.
    • Alberta SPCA
      A province wide protection agency dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. This site has their position statements, history, information on the animal welfare movement and education programs.
    • Animal Alliance of Canada
      Focuses on local, regional, national and international issues regarding the goodwill and respectful treatment of animals by humans.
    • Animal Welfare Institute
      AWI is a non-profit organization dedicated to reduce the pain and fear inflicted on animals by humans. Site has information on campaigns on animal testing, wildlife, farm animals and marine life.
    • American Humane Association
      Offers resources for educating children, campaigns against violence and general information on animal welfare. Animal Alliance of Canada focuses on local, regional, national and international issues regarding the goodwill and respectful treatment of animals by humans.
    • Humane Canada
      Humane Canada is a national body comprised of animal welfare organizations and individuals whose purpose is to promote compassion and humane treatment for all animals.
    • Internation Fund for Animal Welfare
      An international organization that works to improve the welfare of wild and domestic animals by reducing commercial exploitation of animals, protecting wildlife habitats and assisting animals in distress.
    • World Society for the Protection of Animals
      WSPA is an organization promoting humane education programs that encourage respect for animals and responsible stewardship as well as establishing laws and enforcement structures to provide legal protection for animals.
    • World Wildlife Fund
      WWF is dedicated to preserving wild animals and their habitats. The site lists resources to help save endangered species.

    All About Pets

    • Animal Network
      Information for Pet Owners, from cats, to dogs, birds, horses, fish, reptiles and other small animals.
    • House Rabbit Society
      An excellent site for information on rabbits - care, health and breeds.
    • Traveling With Your Pet
      U.S. and Canadian lodgings that accept pets.
    • PetHelp
      Helps pet owners reduce and eliminate problem behaviour through behaviour modification.
    • Good Owners - Great Pets
      Dog and cat training and behaviour information. Animal related articles and great tips.
    • Pets Welcome
      U.S. and Canadian lodgings that accept pets.
    • PetFriendly
      A database of hotels and other vacation rentals that welcome pets from across Canada.
    • HSUS
      Pet travel tips.