Position Statements

Position Statements represent the views of Central Alberta Humane Society on various issues that impact animals. The purpose of the Position Statements is to provide clarity regarding the views of the Society on such issues, and to educate animal guardians and policy makers to improve the welfare of all animals. As only the Alberta SPCA can legally enforce provisions outlined in animal cruelty legislation in our Province, the Society has no legal authority to enforce these Position Statements.

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The following are included:

Free Roaming Cats

Feral Cats

Cosmetic & Elective Surgeries

Euthanasia of Shelter Companion Animals 

Spay & Neuter of Companion Animals 

Abandonment of Companion Animals 

Transportation of Companion Animals 

Leaving Animals in Vehicles

Animal Fighting

Guard Dogs 

Dangerous Dogs & Breed Specific Legislation 

Responsible Guardianship for Companion Animals 

Animal Testing 

Companion Animals as Prizes or Gifts 

Long Term Confinement of Companion Animals 

Tethering of Dogs 

Wolf/Dog Hybrid

Source for Acquiring a Companion Animal