Special Case:


  • Funds Needed: $1500
  • Deadline: Feb 28, 2017
  • Funded

About this Special Case

Meet Bandit!! A 2 year old male Pyrenees X, Who will steal your heart.

This 2 year old big boy (pyrenees x) has been in the shelter for a bit now and has had multiple x-rays to determine the next step for him.

Last year we had to outsource to a specialized surgeon to perform a specialized surgical procedure called an “Orthozip” for a dog named Leila, a big beautiful Mastiff x. Well after close examination of Bandit’s multiple x-rays it looks as though he too is in need of the same surgery. He is scheduled for his surgery February 15, 2016.

Luckily, Dr. Remedios in Calgary, the highly qualified veterinarian who completed Leila’s surgery is going to be able to perform that same procedure for Bandit.

The costs on average is around $3500 but again we are fortunate enough to get this procedure completed for Bandit at a lower cost and we're looking to come up with about $1500 to help cover the cost.

Dr. Audrey Remedios is also involved with our team of experts to help out the pup George (George Reddeer). So we cannot be more thankful and grateful to Dr. Remedios for all her hard work and assistance with our shelter dogs.

Would you like to help Bandit on his journey? No donation is too small and every penny counts for Bandit and all our shelter animals. Donations will be allocated to Bandit’s surgery (BANDIT's FUND) until we hit our goal, any remaining will go towards the costs of other animals in care.




It’s the placement of a strong nylon suture across the knee joint. And with just one incision needed, recovery is faster. While your pet heals, the suture stabilizes the knee. In the past, it was often used for smaller dogs under 50 pounds, but new techniques have made Orthozip surgery a viable option for larger dogs. The newer method entails using bones screws and a stronger suture material. Orthozip surgery stabilizes the ligament and knee. With stabilization, dogs can use the injured limb again. When compared to the TPLO technique, the Orthozip technique is less disruptive to body balance with a low incidence of secondary back problems.














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