Lost & Found

Has your pet gone missing, or have you found a lost animal? Report it on PetLynx!
Lost and Found

When a stray pet is brought into our facility, we create a listing in an Automated Recovery System database provided by PetLynx.

We use this database to monitor all of our found pets. Currently, our office as well as Alberta Animal Services are both actively using Petlynx as a lost and found recovery system. However, there may be other local rescue agencies that do not use this recovery system. We recommend that as well as filing a report with Petlynx, you also contact other rescue facilities/animal services to inquire about your lost or found pet.

About PetLynx

PetLynx is lifetime protection for pets and peace of mind for people. A PetLynx Basic or Enhanced Lifetime Subscription provides around the clock online identification, medical and emergency information to help keep pets safe, healthy, comfortable and returned home quickly. Hundreds of times a day the PetLynx AutoMatchâ„¢ search engine automatically provides matches for lost pets registered in the system. PetLynx is the only system that can use a physical description, using its DataSketchâ„¢ technology, in addition to all common forms of pet identification and provide recovery services for pets not registered prior to becoming lost. PetLynx has facilitated more than 85,000 automated pet recovery episodes in Canada and has over 243,000 registered entities on the system. For more information visit their website.