Hello! My name is


  • Rex Type
  • Spayed
  • Female
  • I am 2 years 7 months old!

About Me

Hiya Humans! My name is Daisy. I have been at the SPCA since December 2015! I do hope with all my heart that I'll be able to go to my furrever home soon! Let me take a moment to introduce myself: I have a perky little personality to match my pretty little face! I'm outgoing and inquisitive, lively and playful. I sure don't like this cage and love to come out for exercise and socialization. That's my favorite part of the day. I am kind of a unique bunny because of the condition of my eye. I have a nuclear cataract in my left eye. My near vision and detail vision are reduced as a result. However, my overall vision is still good. At this time, I do not require surgery or medication. The cataract may slowly progress during the next few years of my life. Nuclear cataracts tend not to progress, so that's good news! Even if my vision is hampered, if the cataract progresses, rabbits can function very well with vision in one eye, so surgery may not be required. No inflammation was noted and not likely to occur with this type of cataract. My eye should be re-evaluated by a vet in 1 year to monitor the progress of the cataract. I use my litterbox, love play time and I enjoy a willow stick ball or hay to chew on. I'll be waiting at the SPCA to see ya! Come visit soon! (Adoption fee: $75)

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