Humane Education Programs

Learn about the responsibilities and benefits that come with pet ownership.

Humane education will teach children to be compassionate and respectful to all people, animals, and the environment.

It develops attitudes of kindness, sensitivity, appreciation and responsibility in children and adults towards all living things. Understanding humane education concepts will enable individuals to make responsible and humane decisions throughout life. The benefits of humane education are far-reaching. In addition to learning the responsibilities of pet ownership, students are made aware of the consequences of animal neglect and abuse in both community and larger societal contexts. The development of sensitivity towards animals enhances each child’s emotional and social development. Problem solving, conflict management, and the ability to make wise and considerate choices are all integral parts of humane education.

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Dog Bite Prevention Program:

Description: Provides information, understanding and techniques of approaching dogs in a safe manner. This program is beneficial for adults, as well as children. Most of our presentations are done for children. Most bites are due to lack of knowledge and understanding of animal/human behavior and body language.

Goals: As children are the recipients of most dog bites, the goal of the program is to increase knowledge of interacting safely with dogs, thus reducing the number of dog bites in the community.

Canadian statistics report that 1 out every 2 children will be bitten by a dog before they reach the age of twelve.
This presentation will teach children and adults how to behave safely around dogs and cats. Dog bite prevention focuses on learning the body language of animals in order to better know what they are thinking, feeling, or trying to tell us. Lessons in respect and empathy towards animals teach children how to avoid injuries. Puppets, audience involvement, handouts, and a video make this a fun-filled and entertaining presentation.

Age Range: 4-11 years.
Time length: approx. 60 minutes

Women's Shelter Program/Service:

Description: Coordination of foster care for the family pet(s) when women need to go to the Emergency Women's Shelter.

Goals: Studies indicate that the family pet is often the tool used to control and/or abuse a family member. If the woman and her children have the option of a safe place for their pet, it increases the likelihood of them seeking safe shelter. Some will return to the violent relationship for fear of the family pet(s).

Emergency Room Program/Service:

Description: To help individuals who need to be hospitalized arrange for care needs for their companion animals. Arrangements have been made with the Emergency Room for this service.

Goals: Reduce stress for individuals who require hospitalization and have no family members to care for their companion animal. The individual can focus on their care/healing needs, knowing their pet is being cared for.

Humane Education Program:

Description: Provide humane education information to the general public, schools and as requested by groups, such as Brownies, Cubs, etc. Focus on teaching kindness and compassion for all living things.

Goals: To promote, support and encourage a more caring and compassionate society.

P.A.W.S. Program:

Description: For a yearly sum ($20.00/month for individuals or $50/month for businesses) support the animals that are housed in the specified kennel. You'll be featured on the Friends for Life plaque - coming soon in Summer 2014!

Goals: To generate income for the care of our guest pets. Also creates an awareness to the costs involved in providing the many needs to the abandoned animals left in our care, and is a way that the Central Alberta Humane Society can provide a benefit in return for support.

Disaster Program:

Description: Provides Emergency Response to The City of Red Deer and District in the event of a disaster involving household pets. Directed and governed by the City of Red Deer Emergency Social Services Plan. Many thanks to the support given the Program by Easthill Dog & Cat Hospital and Global Pet Foods.

Goals: To establish a safe registration, housing/care, and treatment area for pets until they can be moved to a temporary foster care placement or pet owners can retrieve them.
For more information on Disaster Planning visit:

Programs for Kids:

Description: Whether they have a pet at home, enjoy animal stories, or simply possess an innate desire to help those who are vulnerable, many children love animals and want to protect them. CA Humane youth programs help kids take their interest in animals to the next level and turn their compassion into action. Kids love the interactive nature of our programs, whether they are working hands-on with animals or engaged in animal-themed games or crafts. Parents love our commitment to supervision and safety, and our dedication to building leadership skills and a desire to volunteer in their children. For families that don’t have pets of their own, our programs help keep animal-craving children satisfied.

Choosing a Pet:

Choosing an appropriate pet involves research, education and awareness of the needs of various companion animals. This presentation assists in answering questions such as "What pet is a good choice for me, my family, my home, my lifestyle?" If better choices are made, fewer animals may be surrendered to animal shelters or abandoned. The presentation can be adapted for grades K – 6.

Responsible Pet Care:

This presentation discusses the various needs of animals and the importance of providing them with proper care. Students learn how to choose an appropriate pet and how to keep them healthy and happy throughout their lifespan. This presentation includes a grab-bag game, audience interaction, and an educational yet entertaining video.

Age Range: 5-12.
Time Length: approx. 60 minutes

Share the World:

This presentation creates awareness of the web of life and allows children to recognize that all life is valuable. It illustrates similarities between humans and animals regarding their needs, feelings and unique abilities. Share the World encourages all students to think and act humanely, knowing that their own decisions and actions can influence the delicate balance of nature.

Age Range: 10-15 years.
Time Length: approx. 60-75 minutes

Pet Overpopulation:

For every human being born, 15 dogs and 45 cats are born. There is definitely a pet population problem. This presentation creates awareness about pet overpopulation and the need to spay and neuter our pets. The presentation consists of a video, activity and handouts and is suitable for grades 4 and up.

Behind the Scenes Tour:

This presentation gives students the opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes at the Central Alberta Humane Society's Humane Education and Animal Welfare Center.

Age Range: 3 years and up.
Time Length: approx. 30-45 min.